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Cottage Flair

Chalk Paint Jeanne d'Arc

Cottage Flair is excited to announce that we are now carrying the wonderful line of chalk paint by

Jeanne d'Arc living. 

Vintage Matte Furniture paint is a 100% natural, water based, non-toxic, environentally friendly paint that has been developed specifically for painting furniture to give it the authentic matte and chalky surface that was common for furniture in the old days. The paint will adhere to practically any surface without special preparation while providing excellent coverage. It is available in many gorgeous colors ... in 23.6 oz or 3.4 oz cans (the little can is enough to paint a small piece of furniture)

The antique wax is the perfect finishing treatment over the paint. This will help you achieve the authentic look for your furniture. The wax protects the surface and makes it water repellent. It also adds the perfect aging and patina to your pieces. It is a pure and natural product from an old recipe. 

Also available are special brushes in two sizes and the Primer & Sealer which is a stain blocker to prevent bleeding as well act as a protective finish for surfaces such as tabletops, floorboards, & kitchen cupboards.