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Chic Cottage Decor

Cottage Flair Cottage Decor
A collection of new and vintage treasures to add flair to your home.

Do you have a taste for key hole hooks and small painted chairs that evoke years gone by? Are you in need of a vintage style clock or tabletop mirror to tie your room together? 

Cottage Flair personally handpicks, paints, and creates cottage style accessories and décor for homeowners.

In this section, you will find vintage style mirrors, stylized salt and pepper shakers, and other unique items for sale.

Whether you need a birdcage for your veranda, a jewelry holder for your bedroom, or a dream plaque to add extra charm to your living room, you will easily find what you have been looking for. On the other hand, even better, a gift that your girlfriend will love.

Look around. If you have any questions about availability and pricing, reach out to us at your convenience.

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Tabletop Clock * RESTOCK-Metal Decorative Clock
Tabletop Clock * RESTOCK
"Vintage" Post Box RESTOCK-
"Vintage" Post Box RESTOCK
"Vintage" Metal Post Box-
"Vintage" Metal Post Box
Distressed Metal Flower Mirror-Distressed Metal Flower Mirror, distressed ivory metal, distressed ivory, distressed metal, flower mirror
Distressed Metal Flower Mirror
Hanging Bottle Opener-Hanging Bottle Opener, distressed white, distressed green, distressed white metal
Hanging Bottle Opener
Key Holder-Key Holder, distressed wood
Key Holder
Ivory Metal Vintage Style Mailbox-Ivory Metal Vintage Style Mailbox, distressed ivory metal, distressed ivory, distressed metal, vintage mailbox
Ivory Metal Vintage Style Mailbox
Ivory Comb & Brush Holder-Ivory Comb & Brush Holder, distressed ivory metal, distressed metal, distressed ivory, vintage comb & brush holder
Ivory Comb & Brush Holder
Tabletop Clock-Tabletop Clock, distressed metal, distressed turquoise, distressed turquoise metal clock
Tabletop Clock
Small Frame Magnet-Small Frame Magnets. distressed metal, distressed pink, distressed metal frames
Small Frame Magnet
Paris Hotel Clock-Paris Hotel Clock. rusty clock, vintage clock face
Paris Hotel Clock
Small Oval Frame-Small Oval Frame, distressed metal, distressed white, distressed white metal, metal frame
Small Oval Frame
Pretty Metal Frame-Pretty Metal Frame, distressed metal, distressed white, distressed white metal
Pretty Metal Frame
Set of Two Knob Hooks-Set of Two Knob Hooks, antique knob, distressed turquoise, distressed
Set of Two Knob Hooks
Floral Metal Business Card Holder-Floral Metal Business Card Holder, distressed white, distressed white metal, distressed metal, floral business card holder
Floral Metal Business Card Holder
Grey Metal Clock-Grey Metal Clock, distressed metal, distressed grey metal
Grey Metal Clock
Small Metal Tray-Small Metal Tray, distressed metal, distressed white, distressed white metal
Small Metal Tray
Salt & Pepper-Salt & Pepper, distressed white, distressed white metal
Salt & Pepper
Bling Bird Dish-Bling Bird Dish, distressed metal, distressed turquoise, metal bird dish
Bling Bird Dish
Vintage Yardstick Frame-Vintage Yardstick Frame, vintage beadboard, vintage yardstick, distressed wood, distressed green
Vintage Yardstick Frame
Vintage Yardstick Frame Two Tone-vintage beadboard, vintage yardstick, distressed ivory, distressed ivory beadboard
Vintage Yardstick Frame Two Tone
Distressed Beadboard Frame-Distressed Beadboard Frame
Distressed Beadboard Frame
Turquoise Frame Chalkboard-Turquoise Frame Chalkboard, distressed turquoise, distressed turquoise wood, wood frame chalkboard
Turquoise Frame Chalkboard
Sweet White Clock-Sweet White Clock, white metal clock, distressed white, distressed white metal
Sweet White Clock
Vintage Clock Canvas-Vintage Clock Canvas
Vintage Clock Canvas
Vintage Alarm Clock Canvas-Vintage Alarm Clock Canvas, vintage alarm clock
Vintage Alarm Clock Canvas
Hanging Votive Chandelier Square-Hanging Votive Chandelier Square, glass crystals, crystal chandelier
Hanging Votive Chandelier Square
Bike Canvas-Bike Canvas, vintage bike
Bike Canvas
Hanging Planter-Hanging Planter, distressed metal, distressed green metal
Hanging Planter
Hanging Votive Chandelier Round-Hanging Votive Chandelier Round, glass crystals, glass crystals chandelier
Hanging Votive Chandelier Round

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