Vintage China
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Vintage China

Cottage Flair Vintage China
One of our favorite things is vintage china. We try to find unique and beautiful pieces to accent your home and table.

Pink Rose Sugar Bowl-Pink Rose Sugar Bowl
Pink Rose Sugar Bowl
Ruffled Rose Creamer-Ruffled Rose Creamer, vintage roses, vintage rose creamer, vintage creamer
Ruffled Rose Creamer
Rose Shaker-Rose Shaker, vintage roses, vintage rose shaker
Rose Shaker
Blue Flower Dish-Blue Flower Dish, vintage flowers, vintage blue flowers
Blue Flower Dish
Hand Painted Cookie Plate-vintage cookie plate, vintage hydrangea, Hand Painted Cookie Plate
Hand Painted Cookie Plate
Cookie Plate 1-vintage flowers, vintage cookie plate
Cookie Plate 1
Small Rose Bowl-vintage roses, vintage bowl
Small Rose Bowl
Two Roses Desert Dishes-Two Roses Desert Dishes
Two Roses Desert Dishes
Violets Sugar Bowl-Violets Sugar Bowl, vintage Limoges, vintage Limoges sugar bowl, vintage violets
Violets Sugar Bowl
Pink Flower Plate-Pink Flower Plate, vintage flowers, vintage pink flowers, vintage France plate
Pink Flower Plate
Decorative Limoges Bowl-vintage Limoges, vintage Limoges bowl, vintage roses
Decorative Limoges Bowl
Limoges Sugar Bowl-Limoges Sugar Bowl, vintage Limoges, vintage flowers
Limoges Sugar Bowl
Two Rose Dishes-Two Rose Dishes, vintage dishes, vintage roses
Two Rose Dishes
Two Violet Dishes- Violet Dishes, vintage dishes, vintage violets
Two Violet Dishes
Tiny Teapot-vintage roses, vintage roses teapot, vintage teapot
Tiny Teapot
Two Dinner Plates-vintage roses, vintage dinner plates, vintage rose plates
Two Dinner Plates
Pansy Cookie Plate-Pansy Cookie Plate
Pansy Cookie Plate
Floral Bone Dish-Floral Bone Dish, vintage bone dish, vintage flowers
Floral Bone Dish
Cookie Plate-Cookie Plate, vintage cookie plate, vintage flowers
Cookie Plate
Roses Desert Dish-Roses Desert Dish, vintage desert dish, vintage roses
Roses Desert Dish
Biscuit Jar-vintage Biscuit Jar, vintage flowers
Biscuit Jar
Limoges Jar-Limoges Jar
Limoges Jar
Six Shallow Fruit Bowls-Six Shallow Fruit Bowls, vintage floral, vintage fruit bowls
Six Shallow Fruit Bowls
Bone Dish-vintage roses, vintage bone dish
Bone Dish
Peach Tones Bowl-vintage flowers, vintage bowl, Homer Laughlin
Peach Tones Bowl
Pink Roses White Daisies Bowl-vintage roses, vintage pink roses, vintage bowl
Pink Roses White Daisies Bowl
Four Limoges Desert Dishes-Four Limoges Desert Dishes, vintage Limoges, vintage Limoges dishes, vintage flowers
Four Limoges Desert Dishes
Vintage Hat Pin Holder-Vintage Hat Pin Holder
Vintage Hat Pin Holder
Rosy German Creamer-vintage creamer, vintage roses, vintage Germany creamer
Rosy German Creamer
Pink Rose Trivet-vintage roses, vintage trivet
Pink Rose Trivet