Purses Pretties vintage ribbons trims flowers Cottage Flair
Cottage Flair

Purses & Pretties

Cottage Flair  Purses & Pretties 
Totes, purses & sachets and other pretties embellished with a mix of vintage and new ribbons, roses, flowers and trimmings.

Cat or Rabbit Coin Purse-Cat or Rabbit Coin Purse
Cat or Rabbit Coin Purse
Rabbit or Floral Purse-Rabbit or Floral Purse
Rabbit or Floral Purse
Stop. Smile. Breath Bag-Stop. Smile. Breath Bag
Stop. Smile. Breath Bag
$32.00 $20.00
Lace Ivory Velvet Purse-Lace Ivory Velvet Purse
Lace Ivory Velvet Purse
Ivory Clasp Purse-Ivory Clasp Purse, ivory lace, rhinestone button
Ivory Clasp Purse
Floral Velvet Bag-Floral Velvet bag
Floral Velvet Bag