Boot Socks, Purses Pretties vintage ribbons trims flowers Cottage Flair
Cottage Flair

Boot Socks,Purses&Pretties

Cottage Flair Boot Socks, Purses & Pretties 
Boot socks & cuffs, totes, purses & sachets and other pretties embellished with a mix of vintage and new ribbons, roses, flowers and trimmings.

Crochet Flower Boot Socks-Crochet Flower Boot Socks, boot socks
Crochet Flower Boot Socks
Stop. Smile. Breath Bag-Stop. Smile. Breath Bag
Stop. Smile. Breath Bag
Button Boot Socks-Button Boot Socks
Button Boot Socks
Button Boot Socks B-boot socks, button boot socks, crochet lace
Button Boot Socks B
Ivory Boot Socks-Ivory Boot Socks
Ivory Boot Socks
Lace Ivory Velvet Purse-Lace Ivory Velvet Purse
Lace Ivory Velvet Purse
Crochet Flower Boot Socks-boot socks, cotton lace
Crochet Flower Boot Socks
Boot Cuffs-Boot Cuffs, cotton lace
Boot Cuffs
Ivory Clasp Purse-Ivory Clasp Purse, ivory lace, rhinestone button
Ivory Clasp Purse
Pink Velvet Purse-Pink Velvet Purse, pink velvet, pink velvet bling
Pink Velvet Purse
Ivory Velvet Purse-Ivory Velvet Purse, ivory velvet
Ivory Velvet Purse
Floral Velvet Bag-Floral Velvet bag
Floral Velvet Bag
Market Bag 1-natural canvas bag, vintage flower, rose ribbon, linen rose ribbon
Market Bag 1
Market Bag 3-natural canvas bag, vintage flower, rose ribbon, linen rose ribbon
Market Bag 3
Market Bag 4-natural canvas bag, vintage flower, rose ribbon, linen rose ribbon, vintage doily, vintage millinery flower
Market Bag 4
Stop. Smile. Breathe. Clutch-Dream Clutch, natural linen
Stop. Smile. Breathe. Clutch
Tasseled Wristlet-Tasseled Wristlet
Tasseled Wristlet
Dream Coin Purse-Dream Coin Purse
Dream Coin Purse
Gorgeous Lacy Apron Long-Gorgeous Lacy Apron, pink linen, pink linen ruffles, laces
Gorgeous Lacy Apron Long
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