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Cottage Flair

Cottage Pillows

Cottage Flair's shabby chic pillows will leave your cottage with a very personal touch.  Order yours today!

Vintage Millinery Flower Pillow-white linen, white linen pillow, vintage millinery flower, Vintage Millinery Flower Pillow, vintage Irish linen
Vintage Millinery Flower Pillow
Pink Flower Neck Pillow-Pink Flower Neck Pillow
Pink Flower Neck Pillow
White Linen Pillow-White Linen Pillow, vintage buttons, mix of ribbons
White Linen Pillow
Turquoise Trimmed Linen Pillow A-Turquoise Trimmed Linen Pillow, white linen pillow, vintage ribbons, vintage bling
Turquoise Trimmed Linen Pillow A